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EDC Platform

EDC systems should help researchers mitigate problems, understand the protocol, and track study progress -- not be barriers or complications to study progress. With many enterprise EDC applications, researchers pay for an extensive featureset in two ways: high monetary cost and added complexity for access to features that may be used rarely or not at all. The extensibility of the StudyMaker platform allows for the deployment of custom configured EDC solutions that are cost-effective, simple to use, and have the key functions needed for each study.

Simple and Extensible

The StudyMaker EDC platform uses intuitive web-based eCRFs. Modular design allows for integration of just the features needed for each study, and custom reporting provides study leadership with the insights needed to manage trials effectively.

Secure and Compliant

The StudyMaker EDC platform is secure, utilizes HIPAA and CFR part 11 compliant technology, and undergoes regular validation testing.

Proven Over 10 Years

Originally developed with support from NIH, the StudyMaker EDC platform has been in continuous use in academic and industry trials since 2003.

Cost Effective

Integrated inline monitoring, and a suite of optional features allow us to "right-size" the EDC for each study, filling the gap between expensive enterprise applications and less functional platforms. Expert design and powerful internal data checks mitigate costly data collection problems.

REDCap Services

Are you leading a study using REDCap but frustrated by missing features ?

Studymaker has developed a suite of tools to extend the functionality of the REDCap application. We're happy to help improve your REDCap-based study with features such as automated data quality checks; full customizable study, safety, and security alerts (by email or text); integrated web-based monitoring; automated custom reporting; integrated screening systems; and many more workflow improvements.

Are you struggling to choose between REDCap and a costly / complicated enterprise EDC application?

StudyMaker's modular REDCap extensions fill the gap, allowing you to have REDCap's well recognized platform plus all the extra functions you might want from an enterprise-level EDC application.

Are you undertaking an important REDCap study but don't have the time or expertise to optimally design the data collection?

StudyMaker has developed a systematic approach to optimize the design of data collection workflows and eCRFs. For academic studies, we bring PI-level expertise in experimental design and data management, expert working knowledge of REDCap, and our own proprietary library of REDCap enhancements. Investment in the design phase can dramatically lessen the chances of costly problems encountered after enrollment begins. Contact us and we'd be happy to talk about your project.

REDCap Study Design and Data Management

Study, Safety, and Security Alerts

Web-Based Integrated Monitoring

Automated Data Quality Checks

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Workflow Improvements

Clinical Solutions

Custom Clinical Solutions

StudyMaker has a long history of producing custom software solutions for leading hospitals. StudyMaker clinical solutions tend to fill gaps between what can be accomplished by internal IT departments and more expensive (and rigid) enterprise software solutions. Leveraging the core architecture of the StudyMaker platform, we can efficiently produce custom software applications with intuitive interfaces and proven security features.

StudyMaker Custom Clinical Solutions include data connectors to integrate EMRs with other clinical tools, custom clinical tools and reporting systems for better data visualization and access, and new interfaces to improve the efficiency of clinical data entry.

If you have unmet needs, contact us about the development of a cost-effective solution.


StudyMaker combines the talents of experienced clinical software developers and experts in clinical workflows and data management.

StudyMaker was co-founded in 2003 by Charlie Johnson, who has over 20 years experience in developing software solutions to improve medical research and care.

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...is easy. We'll start by interviewing you to learn about your project. As consultants with substantial experience in trial and data management design, we aim to help you find key priorities, potential risks, and the most straightforward solutions. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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